Divination Techniques, Divination Tools, Scrying

Divination Techniques: Scrying

Scrying is an ancient practice but one that I have only recently added to my own divination tool kit. It is a technique that requires patience but is an excellent way to develop and scrying bowlenhance your intuitive abilities. Scrying can be used for visioning but it is also a tool for divining past, present or future.

You may be familiar with scrying mirrors or bowls but there are several other methods which may resonate more with your abilities, such as scrying with crystals, water, sand, smoke or flame. During one of last year’s Open Circles, Carmen Markey demonstrated several techniques, and showed us that even household objects such as pots, pans and kettles make excellent scrying tools!

Whatever medium you choose, begin your scrying session with a relaxing meditation to be as grounded and receptive as possible. When you are relaxed and comfortable, lower the lighting (just a single candle can be effective) and start gazing into the scrying medium – the bowl, mirror or candle. Attempt to look past the surface into the heart of the object. For your first effort, limit the session to 5 or 10 minutes, and ensure you are grounded when the session is complete.

TIP: Start a scrying journal: note your insights and visions from each session. You may find that information will come from the five physical senses as well as your sixth sense or third eye. Some visions will require little interpretation but you may also start to recognize a personal symbology in your visions.

We will be exploring scrying in more depth in our September and October workshops. Visit the Inner Journey Events website for more details on course content, dates and registration.


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