Celtic Wisdom: Journey to Fairie

My journey into the intuitive world has taken many diverse paths in the last few years, as I learned new TreeofLife2 skills and explored new areas of spiritual growth. I have been increasingly drawn to shamanic practices and healing…. and now to another branch of shamanism: Celtic Shamanism.

Recently I have been exploring my Celtic roots. I already knew of the lineage in Ireland but have now discovered that – only three generations back  – my maternal lineage is not English but Manx… yet another Celtic bloodline. Perhaps this is why Celtic Shamanism has such a strong appeal for me.

The core of Celtic Wisdom comes from its connection to the spirit and vitality of the earth itself. By supporting our planet, our environment, we are already honouring that connection to the earth.

Many only know the Celts as the genetic heritage of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and Brittany…. but the Celts populated much of Europe, until driven further and further north by the Roman Empire. There are millions of us with Celtic roots. Perhaps you have a Celtic connection too!

Join me on Wednesday March 20th (7:30 – 10:00) at the Oasis Wellness Centre in Coquitlam to start exploring Celtic Wisdom and shamanism: inspirational meditations, exploring the Celtic seasons and Wheel of Life, and taking a shamanic journey to meet our ancestors (or maybe a Faerie ally!).

This workshop is for anyone interested in Celtic Wisdom, including first-time journeyers and those who have already experienced a shamanic journey.

You may register for this workshop through Meetup or Eventbrite. Register by February 28th for the special equinox pricing of $33 (March 1st onwards $44).


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