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Essential Oil Blends for aura cleansing

Refresh and Seal
Consider using essential oils to cleanse, refresh and seal your aura. You may use them individually or combine them with other oils (this is typically called a synergy). There are many oils to choose from including bergamot, cinnamon, cypress, frankincense, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, myrrh, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, sage, sandalwood and vetiver.

aura cleanseIn a diffuser: Put 2-4 drops of the essential oil into a diffuser for a gentle cleansing of the atmosphere. This method is particularly good for shifting the energy in a room, but will also work to cleanse your aura.

In a carrier oil: Put 5-12 drops into a 30ml (one ounce) bottle of carrier oil. Use in the tub, or massage directly onto your skin. Consider applying to the temples, wrists and ankles. Inhale the aroma directly from your hands, when complete.

In a mister: Put 5-12 drops into a 30ml (one ounce) spray bottle of distilled or purified water. Spray around your entire aura, from the crown to your feet.

Carrier Oils: Grapeseed, jojoba, sweet almond and/or light coconut oils are all excellent carriers. You may blend them or use them individually, depending on your preferences, budget and skin. Jojoba penetrates the skin most easily, but is also the most expensive.

Essential Oil quantities: The number of drops listed above is a general recommendation for dilution strength. Depending on the aromatic strength of the individual essential oil, and your own preferences, you may opt for either end of the range. Start with the smallest number of drops, then add one drop at a time (keeping the same ratios, if using a synergy) until you find your preferred level.

Cautions: Essential Oils can be very powerful and cannot be used by all. Read about a specific oil before using it; some – for instance – cannot be used by individuals with high blood pressure or other conditions.

Make your own blends: You can purchase a blend, or experiment on your own. Some sample essential oil aura-cleansing synergies (to be diluted in either one ounce carrier oil or one ounce pure water) that you can make yourself include:

Hippy-Dippy Blend (aka “Peace and Love”)
3 drops each Patchouli and Sandalwood essential oils

Anti-Stress Blend
8 Drops Bergamot essential oil
5 Drops Lime essential oil

Balance Blend
5 drops each Lavender and Peppermint essential oils


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