Balance, Personal Development, Personal Growth, PSYCH-K, Self-Limiting Beliefs

Free your Mind

Falcon_with_PKThe focus of many of my clients this fall is creating and maintaining balance and boundaries. There are many modalities I can bring to a session including coaching, shamanic work, energy work and more. But the tool that often brings the most profound results is Psych-K, an interactive process of change and healing with a record of success of over 20 years.

With Psych-K, one can change the limiting beliefs that are self-sabotaging in various areas of life: health and body, spirituality, self-esteem, relationships, prosperity, personal power, grief and loss. For more information on Psych-K, click here.

We work together to identify the limiting belief(s) held in the subconscious mind and work through balancing processes to establish the positive belief(s). We confirm the change through kinesiology, i.e. muscle testing. The balancing is done with your permission, from both the conscious mind and the subconscious.

A Psych-K session is one hour minimum but some balances (such as the Core Belief, Life Bonding or Relationship balance) may require up to 1.5 or 2 hours. We may also combine Psych-K with other modalities – coaching, shamanic journeys, energy work – for a Coaching with Spirit session.

For your first visit, book a one-hour session.  Special pricing this fall: $100 per hour + GST (Save $20; reduced from $120 per hour)

Contact Della to book your session: call 778.893.2433 or email


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