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Divining with Hawaiian Shaman Stones

I recently was introduced to Hawaiian Shaman Stones, through the writing of Serge Kahili King, author of Urban Shaman: A Handbook for Personal and Planetary Transformation based on the Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer.

My subconscious had recognized this form of divination some time ago and I had started to work with crystals representing the chakras, to provide additional information during readings and shamanic journeys. The Hawaiian Shaman Stones take this to another level of divination and shamanic knowledge.

hawaiian shaman stones_urban shamanEach set has seven stones – the colours of the rainbow plus white, which many would also recognize as the colours of the major seven chakras – representing the Seven Principles of Huna and the Seven Elements of Nature. The white stone is known as the kumu or foundation stone, and the others are known as the eo or answering stones. Beginners can start with a simple set of beads (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet) and then invest in a set of semi-precious stones or crystals.

If creating your own set of semi-precious shaman stones, Kahili suggests these crystals (rough or polished, roughly the same size) but choose any stone that resonates with you for each specific colour:

  • white: clear quartz
  • red: rhodochrosite or rose quartz
  • orange: carnelian
  • yellow: citrine
  • green: malachite or aventurine
  • blue: turquoise or sodalite
  • violet: amethyst or purple fluorite

Casting / Divination Techniques: Yes / No  (using three stones)
Select the kumu or Foundation Stone (white) , the green eo stone (for “yes” answers) and the red eo stone (for “no” answers). Formulate a question that can be answered with yes or no (you would use the same process when formulating questions for your pendulum), while holding the stones in your hand. When you’re ready, cast the stones onto a table or cloth. The stone closest to the Foundation Stone, regardless of position, is your answer.

Tip: The stones will also reveal your patterns!  The result may not be actual “fact”; it may be the current status or pattern that you are following.  If you keep getting an answer you don’t like, or recognize it as a pattern from which you want to break, Kahili suggests this process:

  • acknowledge the pattern and thank the universe for reminding you
  • reverse the pattern of the two answering stones (green and red)
  • forcefully state, “This is the new pattern, ku!”[ku is your subconscious]
  • this will anchor the intention and help you establish a new path

In two weeks: We will explore the “advice” technique which uses all seven stones.

Click here to view Kahili King on YouTube, demonstrating the yes/no technique or click on the video below.



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