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Introduction to Scrying

Scrying – sometimes-spelled skrying – is the practice of gazing into a reflective object or surface to see into the past, present or future. The terms comes from the word descry, which simply means to see or perceive. The practice of scrying also serves as an excellent meditation aid with or without the expectation of divination. Scrying is an ancient practice and references may be found in literature and mythology.

Although primarily a visual medium, when scrying you will likely receive messages through all your “clairs” and senses.  Some of your visions will be clear and informative, but some imagery may appear to be abstract – or even like a dream – and may need some interpretation. If in doubt, consider using your pendulum or a simple spread with your tarot or oracle cards for even more information and clarity.

Scrying Tools scrying bowl
The object used to scry is called a speculum, not to be confused with the medical tool of the same name. Cauldrons, crystals, bowls and mirrors are the most popular speculums used for scrying. Size is not important: I have scryed my iPhone! It is believed that – in the past – wells and springs were used for scrying.

What is important is that the object has a reflective surface. Some believe that the darker the object used the better. For instance, a cauldron filled nearly full of water is excellent as it already has a blackened interior. No cauldron? Consider using a cast-iron pot or fry pan, or a black ceramic bowl filled with water. Lighter objects can also work very well: many people scry using a crystal ball, a silver platter, a stainless steel kettle or similar object. Clear quartz crystal or dark crystal balls are also favorites. Crystals can also be used, as they can also aid in psychic ability (e.g. amethyst, lapis, lemurian crystals, etc).  I alternate between using a scrying mirror (I will publish instructions on how to make your own in next week’s blog) and a black ceramic bowl filled with water.

The key to success is not the object itself, but the energy and concentration you put into the object and the reading.

As with any tools in your divination kit, keep your scrying objects stored safely. Clean them regularly to remove excess energies from previous readings. A black cloth of cotton, linen, or silk can be used or whatever you feel enhances the purpose of the tool. Scrying is a sacred activity, and these are sacred tools. Handle with respect.

Basic Scrying Technique

  1. Place your speculum – your scrying object such as a bowl or mirror – on a steady flat surface and seat yourself so that it is easy to gaze directly at its reflective surface. If at all possible, this should be a hands-free process.
  2. Place a lit candle close to the speculum (normally behind it). You may also light some incense if you find this useful for your intuitive process. Dim the lights.
  3. Start with “minding the GAP”. If you have not already done so, consider cleansing your aura and the speculum with a sage smudge. Call on your guides to give you only information of the highest and best good.
  4. Relax and regulate your breathing. Imagine a beam of white light entering your crown chakra and flowing through each of your chakras, ultimately flowing out through your feet.
  5. If this is your first scrying experience, start by focusing on your own reflected image. Look at your whole face (or just the third eye) and hold the gaze as long as possible. Try to look THROUGH the reflection, allowing the image to blur, to lose focus. If your thoughts start to wander, take a few deep breaths and continue to focus on the reflection. At some point, your awareness and the reflection may start to shift. You may see your true inner self, or a past-life self. You may see your spirit guide, other scenes, locations or people. Alternatively, you may still see your true reflection but may start to receive messages or information from the Unified Field of Energy: thoughts, knowledge, inspiration, your Wise Inner Self.
  6. Your Wise Self will let you know when you are complete. Thank Spirit for the information. Close the session in your preferred way (for instance, close your eyes and take several deep breaths to ground yourself. Reconnect to your body). Note your visions and experience in your journal.
  7. ADVANCED OPTION: If you are comfortable with scrying, try using this technique to find answers to a problem. Create a very specific question to ensure a specific answer. Focus your gaze again on the speculum and repeat the question silently or with your inner voice. Be aware of how the information comes to you: do you feel it physically (a tingling, a voice, heat or cold).

You may find in your first scrying experience that you achieve only a sense of peace and connection, but no actual messages. Continue to practice each day and you will increase your ability to receive more information. Some of the information may come in fragments but, over time, you will see images that are more complete.


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