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Hawaiian shaman stones: the advice technique

chakra stonesSometimes we stumble upon ancient forms of divination, not even realizing that they exist. This happened to me recently. I had created what I thought was my own system for reading chakra stones. If reading for another person, I would ask them to select a stone or crystal representing the Self, and would then cast that stone with the set I had assembled (one for each of the major chakras) to intuit – to divine – what was at play with that individual.

In my method, the chakra stones close to the Self represented the chakra energies that were strong and balanced, and/or were having a noticeable effect on choice and action. Chakra stones far from the Self were out-of-balance, and indicated areas where support was needed. I continued to refine this technique client to client.

And then I read Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King, a wonderful book about Hawaiian shamanism – The Way of The Adventurer – and huna. He devotes a chapter to hailona, casting for divination, using a set of seven stones. At first glance, these appear to be chakra stones – the colours are the same – but they also refer to the seven principles of life in the Hawaiian huna tradition.

  • First principle: IKE (the world is what you think it is)
  • Second principle: KALA (there are no limits, everything is possible)
  • Third principle: MAKIA (energy flows where attention goes)
  • Fourth principle: MANAWA (now is the moment of power)
  • Fifth principle: ALOHA (to love is to be happy with)
  • Sixth principle: MANA (all power comes from within)
  • Seventh principle: PONO (effectiveness is the measure of truth)

For me, discovering that “my method” was in fact an ancient Hawaiian method served to reinforce the collective knowledge and consciousness that we share… and how we can easily tap into that flow for inspiration and wisdom. I now incorporate some of the methodology and principles of Hawaiian shamanism and huna into my readings.

Kahili King summarizes the meaning of the seven stones as:

  • White: Represents First principle. Key word is awareness. This stone represents the Self (the kumu, foundation stone).
  • Red: Second principle. Key word freedom Shadow/reverse mental/physical stress
  • Orange: Third principle. Key word focus. Shadow lack of focus
  • Yellow: Fourth principle. Key word persistence. Shadow procrastination
  • Green: Fifth principle. Key word love. Shadow anger
  • Blue: Sixth principle. Key word confidence. Shadow fear or doubt
  • Violet: Seventh principle. Key word flexibility. Shadow rigidity

The Advice Technique

If you are looking for a simple yes/no answer, consider using the technique described “Divining with Hawaiian Shaman Stones”. If you are looking for a more complex answer, use this “advice” technique. You may use the seven stones to answer questions such as “How should I move forward?” or “What should I do to manifest my goals and desires?”

Create intention before you cast. For instance, you could state, “Give me a plan for this individual” or “Tell me what is getting in the way of this individual reaching his/her goals”.

Cast the stones and note which stone is closest to the Self, the white stone, and read that stone using a combination of the Huna principles, the key word and (if asking what’s getting in the way) the shadow meaning.

Kahili King example

Intention: Give me a three-step plan of action for increasing this individual’s income.

Casting results: orange, red and green stones are closes to the Self stone (in that order)

Potential interpretation:

  • Orange: Clarify your goal (per third principle energy flows were attention goes. Key word focus. Shadow lack of focus)
  • Red: Get rid of guilt (per second principle there are no limits, everything is possible. Key word freedom Shadow/reverse mental/physical stress
  • Green:  Do what you love (per fifth principle to love is to be happy with. Key word love. Shadow anger)

 Consider assembling a set of seven stones and trying out the advice technique in your next reading. Practice reading for yourself or a friend, to see how powerful this divination technique can be.


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