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Choosing a crystal, or how my crystals found me

I am often asked the best method of choosing a crystal for meditation and healing. People are often surprised when I say that the crystal chooses you.

Let me tell you a story about how my first crystal came to me. About ten years ago, I Della Ratcliffe_the crystal choose youenrolled in a life coaching program in Vancouver. It was a time of huge change for me – I had left the corporate world, embarked on a new direction, and was working for myself again. During a break, an out-of-town student showed me a group of stones she had purchased on a crystal hunting expedition, visiting several shops around town the previous day. I didn’t know anything about crystals, and had thought perhaps she was interested in lapidary, jewelry making or other related pursuits. But no, she was using them for healing and meditation, and started to tell me about all the properties of the various pieces. To say I was skeptical was an understatement.

One by one she dropped the stones into the palm of my hand, for closer inspection. My reaction to each was “pretty, interesting to look at” but nothing else. Then she dropped a small and beautiful citrine into my palm, and it felt like a bolt of lightning shooting up my arm to my shoulder. I was shocked! My whole body reacted to the stone. She looked at me and said, “That’s your stone”.  All I could say was “thank you”.

I had no idea what the stone meant or why I reacted the way I did. I knew intuitively that I had to wear it close to my skin, near my solar plexus, although I didn’t know why. Later that day, I described this experience to another friend who was my guide for all “woo woo” subjects, and she was not surprised at all. Citrine, she told me, was the perfect stone for me at that time, with all the huge changes I was making. Citrine works as a success stone, promoting and manifesting abundance and generosity. It also works with the solar plexus to enhance personal energy and to dispel negative energies.  Just what I needed! I still have that citrine – and many other stones – but it was that “shocking” experience that showed me there was more to a crystal than a hunk of rock! And from then on, I let my crystals choose me.

Some tips for finding a crystal

Start with intention, intuition and trust.  Your intention can be as simple as “I am open to whatever crystal speaks to me”.  If you have a more specific purpose, state it clearly, “I want to connect with a crystal for healing” or “I want to connect with a crystal for grounding”.

In your local rock and gem shop, walk around the shop and see what you are drawn to, keeping that intention clear in your mind. Be open to what draws you in: it could be its looks that attract you, its colour or shape, or its energy. Be open to any sign that says “this stone is for me”.  Pick up the stone, hold it for a while.  Feel its energy. You may feel a tingling, or a vibration, or a sense of hot or cold. Sometimes you just get a feeling that says “mine”. When you do, that’s your crystal.

Naming your crystal

As with a crystal ball, some people find that their significant crystals have a name. If the crystal does not reveal its name to you, try a brief meditation or shamanic journey with the stone to ask its name.   I recently found a beautiful quartz crystal –  shot throughout with a rosy coppery colour – at a local gem shop. The minute I picked it up, I knew this was the stone for me. It was a good size (roughly 11cm long) and felt warm in my hand. I also heard the name “Lucy”, so knew its name. I didn’t know why I needed that particular piece of quartz – I already had so many – but discovered the colour was due to the presence of hematite, which is known to be very helpful for blood disorders and blood problems. After recent knee surgery, I had developed a clotting disorder (now under control) but apparently still needed support for it!

I normally just accept names as is, but this time I looked up the meaning of the name.  Lucy is the feminine form of Lucius (likely the same root as Lucifer, the fallen angel) meaning light, born of light, dawn or daylight. A perfect name for this bright stone.

Care and feeding of your crystal

As with all spiritual or healing tools – such as a pendulum – care for your crystal. Keep its energy clean and regularly release the negative energies it has picked up.  Look for more info in a future blog posting.

You may find that your new crystal is not a “forever” crystal, but with you to support a specific need or journey.  When its work is done, consider gifting to someone who might need its particular strengths.

~ Della Ratcliffe, Inner Journey Events


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