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The Wisdom of the Stone People

In the shamanic world, rocks and crystals are known as The Stone People – the ancient ones, the keepers of Earth’s knowledge and strong allies for us in daily life and in our shamanic journeys. The Stone People came first in creation, before the Plant People and the Standing People (the trees), the Animals and the Humans.

Our Mother Earth is made from Stone; it is her bones. She uses her elements of Air and Water to break down the stones into boulders and then soil; she uses the elements of Fire to push the stones high into the air, creating volcanoes, lava and mountains.

stonehenge stone circleAncient peoples often created stone circles to connect with the wisdom of the Stone People. We have all seen images from the Celtic and Druidic circles in Britain – such as Stonehenge and Avebury – but these circles can be found around the world. They are frequently found in vortices of energy, where ley lines cross or where the stones themselves have high electro-magnetic energy. Most often the sites were used in ritual and prayer, but also as astronomical guide to the seasons (important in agrarian cultures), predicting eclipses and more.

medicine wheel stone circleMedicine Wheels laid out in stone were common with First Nations people in western Canada. These large outdoor circles, or wheels, were roughly 20’ to 30’ in diameter and were marked out by 36 stones laid out in a circle of four quadrants, each stone with a distinct meaning such as The Creator, Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Clans (Turtle, Frog, Thunderbird, Butterfly, Eagle, Coyote, Bear, Buffalo, Snow Goose, etc) and the Four Directions.

Why do we connect with stones?

spark of inspirationJust as we are part of the stardust of our universe, so we are a part of the earth. Our bodies contain elements and properties also found in these stones and crystals. Because of this, we can vibrate in harmony with them. Crystals vibrate at a higher rate than our bodies. The Law of “Entrainment” (defined as the synchronizing of rhythmic cycles, for the conservation of energy) suggests that lower vibrating objects will start to match the vibration of nearby higher vibrating objects. [This was demonstrated by Huygens in the mid-17th century with a large set of pendulum-powered clocks; after a day together, all pendulums were swinging at the same rhythm / frequency.]

Simply put, when close to them, we start to resonate with the purity of the crystals, raising our own vibration.

Each stone has its own vibration, its own energy, its own medicine. Listen to your stones, feel your stones, to receive their messages and wisdom. We can learn from them, journey with them, and use them for healing and meditation.

~ Della Ratcliffe, Inner Journey Events

 Next week:

We go one step further in our discussion of the Stone People by looking at stones or crystals we can use for healing, meditation and Chakra balancing.



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