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Gifts from The Stone People: Crystals for healing, meditation and Chakra balancing

Last week, I wrote about the Stone People – one of the levels of allies, or totems, that can help us in our journey. The Stone People are the rocks and crystals of our Mother Earth, and can be used for healing, meditation and Chakra balancing.

Meditation Crystals

As with all crystals, there are many that we can use and it is important to find one that best supports our vibration. Each has different properties and you want to choose a crystal that supports the intent of your meditation. Some basic stones you may choose to start working with in meditations are:

  • Clear quartz is the master healer, and works with all facets of our being – spiritual, mental, physical and energetic. It’s a great choice for your first stone.
  • Rose quartz connects you with universal and unconditional love.
  • Amethyst connects us with spirit and intuition, and brings powerful insights.
  • Smoky Quartz is a stone of protection, and has a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. It is a stone for contemplation and manifesting of dreams.

Healing Crystals

Crystals-in-a-spiral (1)Some stones or crystals to consider, if starting your collection, would be healing stones such as:

  • Clear Quartz is very versatile, and considered a universal healer. It also amplifies the frequencies of other stones.
  • Citrine comes in various shades from palest yellow to a deep yellow/brown, and is in the quartz family.  It is used to boost creativity, energy and abundance.
  • Rose Quartz is recognized for its healing powers, and bringing a gentle compassion.
  • Green Aventurine is for vitality and healing. It is also in the quartz family.
  • Amethyst is an aid for intuition, and for protecting and purifying.
  • Selenite is a form of gypsum, and is considered a stone for mental clarity, for aiding in decision-making and for truth and honesty.

Chakra Crystals

chakra crystals 1You may also use crystals for a specific type of healing such as Chakra balancing. Try to connect with at least one stone for each chakra, such as:

  • First Chakra (root):  red stones such as red jasper or garnet; black stones such as bloodstone, onyx or hematite
  • Second Chakra (sacral): orange stones such as citrine, carnelian, amber or tiger’s eye
  • Third Chakra (solar plexus): yellow stones such as citrine, yellow jasper
  • Fourth Chakra (heart): Green stones such as jade or aventurine; pink stones such as rose quartz or chrysoberyl
  • Fifth Chakra (throat): blue stones such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, amazonite or aquamarine
  • Sixth Chakra (third eye): indigo stones such as moonstone, amethyst or apatite
  • Seventh Chakra (crown): clear stones such as quartz, diamonds; white stones such as snowy quartz, white jade, white tourmaline; violet stones such as amethyst

In future postings, I will discuss how to use these stones for Chakra balancing, healing and for taking meditative journeys. Stay tuned!

~ Della Ratcliffe

Further Reading:

In the Resource section of the Inner Journey Events website, I have a Recommended Reading list and am always open to suggestions. My current recommended books on Crystals are:

Hall, Judy
The Crystal Bible: A definitive guide to Crystals
The Crystal Bible, Volume 2 (200 additional healing stones)

Ryan, Karen
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Crystals (also available as an e-Book)

Simmons, Robert & Naisha Ahsian
The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach

There are also many great workshops available on-line and likely some in your community.


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