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Four ways to cleanse and energize your crystal pendulum

Pendulum cleanse and energize_20141207Now that you have calibrated your pendulum, it’s important to keep it energized and cleansed from negative energies.

As with all elements, we look for a good balance of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) energy in our crystals. This is especially important when working with your pendulum, to get accurate results.


This is a great method for folks experienced in using and directing their energies. Place the crystal in front of you, and focus your thoughts and energies. Ask Spirit and your totem helpers to cleanse the crystal of negative energies and to bring them to their full energetic potential.


Smudge with white sage for a minimum of a minute (and up to five minutes). This clears negative energies but does not energize the stone.


A simple method is to place your crystal in sunlight for a minimum of four hours. How much energy it requires to be fully charged depends on the structure and size of the crystal, its energetic state (how charged or depleted of energy) and – at times – the energy of the handler. Use kinesiology (muscle testing) or an already calibrated pendulum to assess the crystal’s readiness after four hours of full sunlight or full spectrum light. If not ready, continue until the crystal is tests as “complete”. You’ll soon find the right amount of time for each of your crystals.


For crystals that can fade in direct sunlight (amethyst and aquamarine are good examples), leave out the crystals overnight to energize from the gentle power of the moonlight. Do this this at the full moon (three days waxing or waning should also be good); this may require more than one night so be sure to test that the charging is complete each morning.


  • place your crystal beside another (much larger!) crystal that is already energized
  • place (wrapped in natural and protective cloth) in the earth for 24 hours
  • place in a weak salt water bath (1 tsp Himalayan or other pure salt, in approximately 8 oz pure water).


Whichever method you use, be sure to check that the method is safe for the stone. For instance, some stones fade in the sunlight and some cannot be immersed in water.



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