Earth Medicine

Out of alignment? Cranky? Try grounding with Earth energy!

Feeling out of sorts? Maybe a little cranky? Not sleeping well? You may be out of alignment with Earth energy, and there are some simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to support you in better grounding and alignment.

As we move through the seasons, traditional earth-based medicines – such as energy healing, ayurvedic and Chinese medicines – remind us of the importance of grounding and aligning our energy with the seasonal vibrations of the earth.

In the northern hemisphere, it is winter – associated with the Water element in traditionalTips for grounding the Water element Chinese medicine.  Water is yin and feminine. The earth energy is turned inward at this time of year…. it is still, it is quiet. Life is incubating, getting ready for the spring.

In the New Year, many of us fire up new projects and get caught up in new goals, new plans and more. When we do this, we are working with our Fire element energy which is traditionally associated with Summer. Water can douse Fire fairly easily!

Think about balancing your Fire and Water elements, by focusing on gentler activities and taking on fewer new projects:

  • Instead of running, consider yoga or swimming… stretching instead of weight lifting.
  • Work on your mindfulness practice with daily meditation.
  • It all possible, put off some of those huge projects until the Spring, when the sap is running up and we can call on the Earth energy of creativity and growth for endurance and inspiration..

In the southern hemisphere, it is now Summer.  The Fire element is yang and masculine, Fire Element_tips for groundingassociated with  power, energy, creativity, fun and socializing. Earth is in full bloom, the days are long and we have an abundance of Fire energy.

In Summer, we can balance Fire and Water by ramping up our activities:

  • If yoga is your favourite form of exercise, consider stepping up to “hot” yoga or another type that will nourish your Fire element.
  • Join a group outdoor activity such as beach volleyball or baseball. If you have no mobility challenges, consider power walking or jogging or biking, or exercise classes such as Zumba.
  • Projects can move forward full steam, so this is an excellent time to start new projects, and complete projects started in the spring.

Try your new regime for at least a week, and note the changes in your diary. Are you sleeping better? Do you feel more in balance? Are you mindful that your emotions are more in alignment with the season? Continue to fine tune your regime, until you reach the desired equilibrium.

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