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Live like they left the gate open!

Sue Ratcliffe_Run like they left the gate open V3-BMany of us have an invisible gate in front of us, preventing us from being our Selves, preventing us from exploring our world, living to our fullest potential.

These gates are invisible but powerful and yet very often self-imposed. We sometimes hide our light, fearful of expressing our true selves, worried that others will pass judgment.

What is the invisible gate in front of you? And what would you do if that gate magically opened and you could DO anything, BE anything, FEEL anything?

Open that gate and take a run, and enjoy the exhilaration of being your Self.

Live in freedom! Live authentically!

About the image:

These beautiful Icelandic horses – photographed by my sister Sue Ratcliffe Photography – had literally just left the paddock and were running free… manes blowing in the wind. You can experience that joy too!


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