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What are YOU grateful for today?

What’s in YOUR gratitude journal?

Gratitude has been forefront in my mind since an experience I had back in December, when I witnessed what I call the Waterfall of Gratitude. Totally inspiring! It reminded me that a simple thank you can go a long way… not only to express gratitude to the recipient but to have gratitude as a way of life, a way of being.

To manifest this even more, I recently joined a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge on Facebook. We’re on Day 2 so please consider joining us! If you are on Facebook, visit the 21 Day Challenge Page.

Today’s challenge was to list our ABCs of gratitude. The hardest part of the challenge, for me, was listing just one thing for each letter!  I’d love to hear what YOU are grateful for in your life. Please share in your comments below or on the Gratitude post on our Facebook page.

Here are my ABCs of gratitude, from A-Z:
A – Agility (so grateful I have mine back!)
B – Beatles!
C – Cats, my constant companions 🙂
D – Dad, love you and miss you
E – Energy, it makes the world go around!
F – Family, near and far
G – Guides, rely on them ALL the time
H – my husband Mark, the love of my life
I – Intuition
J – Joy, not something you find but a way of being
K – Kisses, ‘nuf said!
L – Laughter. You just have to have a giggle!
M – Mum, love you and miss you
N – Nature, we’re part of it, we have to protect it
O – OM, part of my meditation practice
P – Play…
Q – Queen, because Bohemian Rhapsody still rocks!
R – Rock & Roll, because I have music in my heart!
S – a dear friend
T – Titanium (my new knees!)
U – Understanding…hoping we all seek and find and practice!
V – Vancouver – my life changed when I moved here
W – Women – there are SOOOOO many amazing women in my life, too many to list, but all INSPIRATIONAL!
X – X-Rays, which finally diagnosed my knee problems!
Y – Young-at-heart (YES!)
Z – Zen…. need I say more?



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