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Make some space for NEW magic and miracles to come your way

Sharron quote_declutter 1_Buddha_FinalI continue to be inspired by the words and practices of the people in this “tribe”… folks who are on a spiritual path, a journey of self-discovery, living in alignment with their values.

This week, I have shared tips on cleansing and balancing one’s space, one’s energy. And one of the best tips comes from Sharron Basanti, The School of GypsyArts. Sharron recently shared a powerful experience of freeing up energy through the simple act of decluttering, which totally transformed her space and her energy. And the outcome was inspiring!  In Sharron’s words:

“Decluttering is a powerful spiritual experience! You need to create space in order for miracles and energy to start flowing.”

So, here’s my challenge for you today or this weekend:

  • Find one area in your space – it can be your office, your home, a specific room – and start decluttering. This is especially important if you live in CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)!
  • Use the SPACE acronym to help you:
    • Sort into categories
    • Purge by reusing, recycling, donating, throwing out
    • Assign a home (room, closet, chest of drawers, etc)
    • Containerize to be sure you can find it again (box it with like objects, label it, etc)
    • Equalize, by keeping the system going.

Make some space for new magic and miracles to start coming your way:)


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