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Open your Self to uncertainty and infinite possibility

Just for today_Practice detachmentJust for today . . . Practice detachment.

allow yourself to be free

do not force solutions

let go of “it should be THIS way”

embrace uncertainty

When we allow the words and opinions of others to hurt us, we are attached. When we can see only one way of doing things, we are attached. When we can see only one outcome, we are attached. When we “can’t live without…..”, we are attached.

When we are attached to a particular belief, outcome, person or thing, we are working against our Self (and likely making it more difficult to achieve that wish). Rather than trusting that things will work out for our greatest good, we are experiencing the world through the filter of doubt and fear, and through our Ego. We are also limiting all the amazing possibilities that can happen when we let go of that attachment.

When we are attached, we are chained, close-minded, rigid… When we are detached, we are free, open to uncertainty and infinite possibility.

I find these affirmations useful for reminding myself to detach:

I release the need to judge or criticize
I choose to be free from the opinions of others, good OR bad
I allow myself and others to be themselves

If you have any affirmations for detachment that you find useful, please comment 🙂


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