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Trust your intuition: Sonia Choquette’s four decisions

Sonia Choquette_Trust your Intuition_20141118I recently reread Sonia Choquette’s book The Psychic Pathway and wanted to share her four decisions, the intentions you must make in order to develop your psychic abilities, to open your third eye… to take an Inner Journey.

The journey begins with a contract you make with your Self, based on these four decisions:

I am open to psychic guidance

I will expect psychic guidance

I will trust psychic guidance

I will act on psychic guidance

1.  I am open to psychic guidance 

Intention drives what we manifest. If you are not open to intuition, can you expect to receive any? Psychic energy can be repressed by the closed mind. This first step allows you to be assisted by divine energy, guides and Spirit.

2.  I will expect psychic guidance

This decision moves your intention up a notch. Not only are you open to it, you expect to receive it. This moves you from being a passive receiver to being actively attuned to your Higher Self. You are now learning how to respond to life, not just react to it. Ask yourself:

  • How often do I check in with my intuition when faced with a decision?
  • Do I expect my intuition will be available to me when I need it?
  • How do I react when I experience a psychic feeling?
  • How do I receive the information?

3.  I will trust psychic guidance

This can be challenging because many of us will automatically question the information, filter or dismiss it, or even suppose the message is something we do not want to know. Your intuition is a gift, the collective voice of your Higher Self, your guides and Spirit/the Divine. It is gentle and will guide you. Reflecting on your past psychic experiences, consider:

  • Were the messages or intuition(s) accurate?
  • Did the message or information help you?
  • Did you trust it? If yes, what happened as a result?
  • If not, why not? What did you trust or do instead

4.  I will act on psychic guidance

Acting on your intuition is an act of faith – and for some a leap of faith. It is also a conscious choice, a decision to act from Spirit rather than from Ego or fear. When you act from intuition, you reaffirm to Spirit that you trust the wisdom and information you receive and that you are serious about understanding your gift and that you are in the dance / in the flow with Spirit.

And, of course, you still have choice, free will and responsibility – choose wisely!


Sonia Choquette_book cover_Psychic PathwaySonia Choquette’s book, originally published in 1994, has become a classic and can be found at your local metaphysical book shop or used book store, library and your preferred on-line retailer.


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