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Tip of the Day: Be a verb, not a noun

Buckminster Fuller_I am not a thing_a noun.I had never thought of myself as a part of speech, until I read this quote from Buckminster Fuller.

I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am.

I know that I am not a category.

I am not a thing — a noun.

I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process –

an integral function of the universe.

And it definitely got me thinking! A few weeks ago, I had blogged “How do you define your Self”, noting how our self-labels can actually limit us.

And this beautiful distinction from Buckminster Fuller – that we are VERBS rather than NOUNS – literally opened up so many more possibilities. The labels we use to define ourselves are typically all nouns such as wife, mother, friend, doctor, lawyer, old, young, Catholic, atheist, etc. These are all static descriptions.

If we think of ourselves as VERBS, we are part of a process, of action, and we are connected energetically to everyone else in that process, to the universe itself. We are changing, evolving, transforming, manifesting, connecting.

What’s your “verb of the day”? What verb describes you best?

As for me, today I am “connecting”.


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