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Doing the impossible

Zig Ziglar_When you encourage othersOn Saturday, I did something that was impossible… or so I had once thought. Two years ago, I literally couldn’t walk to the corner shop. If I did, it was in excruciating pain and required walking poles for support. Two knee replacements later, and with diligent physical rehabilitation, I completed my first triathlon.

For me, the most inspiring thing about Saturday’s #ubctriathlon was the participants themselves — and how each in their own way supported other participants.

There were folks like me – at their first event, some with a goal of just being there and hopefully finishing. As folks in my heat saw each other along the course, they raised a “thumbs up” or “high five” of encouragement, and smiled in recognition of a fellow journeyer. And my husband – who walked and rode beside me the whole way – knew just when I needed motivation to crest a tough hill, or when I needed to hear that I could make it to the finish line.

The elite participants were the most vocal in their support (clearly much more fit than us first-timers who at times could barely grunt!!!). As they ran by – or swished by (those elite athletes have amazing bikes with a very distinctive sound!) – almost every one shouted out words of encouragement and praise: Good job! You’re doing it! Keep up the good work! You’re almost there!

No competition — just camaraderie, support and encouragement. That is what “holding the light” means to me.

How great it would be to have a simple word of encouragement every day….. And how great it would be to do that for others.

How do you hold the light for others in your life?


2 thoughts on “Doing the impossible”

  1. Della this is a beautiful affirmation of our shared journey. The word competition is derived from ‘com’ with means “together with” and ‘petition’ which means “a supplication or prayer, especially to a deity,” Joining together indeed!

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