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Animal Allies to the Rescue!

Animal Allies_TriathlonI love working with my animal allies and totems. They show up just when I need them, with their medicine and unique wisdom. When they show up, I listen!

Last Saturday, I competed for the first time in a triathlon. It was a hugely rewarding experience, and I had support from many people. I called out to my team of allies – ancestors, spirit guides and animal totems – for support at the start of the event, and received messages from them all throughout the race.

My animal allies and messengers were the most creative and persistent!

eagle in flight_1017147_606451116087280_45287945_nTravelling to the event, I started to feel some anxiety and experienced self-doubt in a HUGE way (“What was I thinking? Doing a triathlon is crazy!”). Eagle circled above, bringing its medicine and wisdom: he reminded me to look at the big picture, to not permit illusion or self-limiting beliefs to ground my flight of adventure and reminded me that I was ready. Thank you Eagle!


On route to the pool for the first leg of the event (swimming), Squirrel showed up – several in fact, both black and grey – and chased us to the pool. Squirrel reminded me to have fun, take it all a little less seriously and to live in the moment.Thank you Squirrel!

canada-geese-94356_1280During the biking portion, Eagle and Goose joined forces just as I was flagging. My husband and I were two kilometres from the bike route finish. I looked at the uphill climb ahead and wondered if I could make it. I started to doubt that I could climb the hill without dismounting from my bike… and wondered if I could even make it to the finish line. My husband rode steadily at my side and I heard the message, “What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander!“. It reminded me that family is so important to Geese, and that my family was with me: my husband was there physically and my parents were both there in Spirit.  Eagle – with his ability to glide through the air and ride on the updrafts – reminded me to conserve my energy and use it wisely, knowing when to coast and when to accelerate. With their joint wisdom, I made it to the bike route finish. Thank you Eagle! Thank you Goose!

white cat bush_cat-346110_1280 (2)

The final portion – the 5K run (which I walked, due to my new titanium knees) – was the toughest as I was using up all my energy. Just before the turnaround point on the route,  we encountered a beautiful white cat hiding in the bushes, in a section of the route that cut through a lot of hedges. As each runner dashed back through the hedge towards the finish line, the cat leapt out of its hiding place and into the path of the runners. It had created its own game and was doing exactly what IT wanted to do, and it played with everyone! Cat reminded me that we are all agile in our own way. Cat brings us so much wisdom and medicine, but on that day reminded me to enjoy the adventure, and to do it MY way with courage and confidence…. and that I too would “land on my feet”. Thank you Cat!

As you go through your day, notice what animal allies might be showing up for you…. and what wisdom they bring. Listen with your heart and you will hear their wisdom. All animals bring us their wisdom…. we just have to listen.

Special thanks to Sue Ratcliffe Photography for giving permission to use the beautiful image of a bald eagle. You may view her wildlife images on Facebook (Sue Ratcliffe Photography) or on RedBubble.


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