Earth Medicine, Shamanism

Budding Tree Moon and Redtail Hawk

Budding Tree Moon_redtail hawk_640x537With the equinox, we move into Budding Trees Moon on the Earth Astrology Medicine Wheel, with the Redtail Hawk as its totem.

For more information about Earth Astrology, I highly recommend the classic book by Sun Bear and Wabun, “The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology” available online or through your favourite local bookshop.

The following is an extract from that book:

Budding Trees Moon

First Moon of Wabun

Spirit Keeper of the East

Dates: March 21 – April 19
Animal: Red Hawk / Redtail Hawk
Plant: dandelion
Mineral: fire opal
Colour: yellow
Element: fire
Clan: Thunderbird
Qualities: innovative, energetic, optimistic, clear-sighted, feisty, adventurous


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