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There is always a choice – a more powerful choice

During sessions with clients, I often hear the words “I just can’t think of another way to….” or “there are no other choices available”.

And that’s okay – because wherever you are IS okay – and because part of my work is to help people open up to those other choices and possibilities if that is what they want.

Know this: there is ALWAYS another choice – and quite possibly a very powerful choice – because there is always another way to look at a situation or challenge.

What do YOU do when you feel blocked, when you cannot see a way forward?

I use a lot of different tools to help folks open up to other choices – traditional coaching tools but also elements from healing, energy or shamanic work.

For instance, for someone who is “stuck in their head” (analysis / paralysis), I might ask them to connect with a chakra such as the heart, root, third eye or solar plexus and then ask them to look at the situation through that way of being. I would literally ask,

“What does your heart (third eye, etc) say?”
“What does it know that your conscious mind doesn’t know?”

I might even pull out Oracle Cards for some new visual perspectives.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, another possibility is that you are asking the wrong question…. so ask a different question!

Experiment with what tools are the most effective for you, and when you’re stuck you will have a whole new tool box with which to work.

And, of course, consider working with your coach, shamanic counsellor or alternative health practitioner to help you on your journey!


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