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INTUITION TIP OF THE DAY: Record your dreams

Tip of the day_Intuition_record your dreamsTIP OF THE DAY: Pay attention to your dreams, to further develop your intuition and create or strengthen your connection to your Guides.

In workshops and open circles on intuitive development, I often hear people expressing a concern that perhaps they are not intuitive… that they need some sort of trigger or magic key that will open up their intuition or third eye, or even that they do not possess that ability.

I believe everyone is intuitive, but some may be blocking the information coming through whilst others are open and receiving information all the time.

When we focus on the belief that we are not intuitive, what do you suppose might happen? Usually this shuts us down to receiving any information. We may be subconsciously shielding ourselves so strongly that nothing comes through. At the most basic level, we may also not be crediting or recognizing the intuitive information we actually do receive. We dismiss it as coincidence or with some other “rational” explanation.

For those folks, I often suggest starting with journaling one’s dreams. Why? Because in the dream state, we are relaxed, we are open, we are vibrating at a totally different level (theta and delta waves) than our awake state (beta waves). And our self-limiting beliefs are rarely at play!

Your dreams are a rich source of intuitive information – here you may already be connecting with your Guides, to universal flow of energy and information, to answers you have pondered consciously throughout the day. The subconscious is a far superior problem solver, so do pay attention to it.


  • Each morning record your dreams, either in a notebook or a voice memo.
  • Review your notes regularly for information, messages, patterns, and symbols. There are universal dream symbols, as well as ones unique to our own subconscious.
  • Look for affirmations – how did you see something in your dream and how did it actually happen? What was different? What was the same?

At first, you may not recall anything, but create the intention each night before you go to sleep that in the morning you will remember your dreams clearly and vividly.

Once you start remembering your dreams easily, consider creating a different intention before you sleep, such as asking for help with a specific problem or challenge, or asking that your Guide(s) come forward with insights that will help you on your journey.

This is a great way to create or strengthen your connections with your Guides.

Soon you will start noticing the information and messages that come through when in other states of consciousness – especially when your brain is operating in the theta state (daydreaming, shamanic journeys, meditation, etc) or the alpha state (relaxing, visualizing, creating).

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