Celtic celebrations, Personal Development

Easter-Eostre: a time of rebirth and renewal

 Many people today are celebrating Easter Sunday, the oldest religious holiday in the Christian calendar. It is believed that the name “Easter” comes from the old English celebration “Eostre” or Ostara. Alternate names – such as when we speak of the Paschal feast – come from the holiday’s association with Passover, “Pesach”.

Many religions celebrate the cycle of death and renewal/rebirth. Both Easter and Eostre celebrate new beginnings, life rising again and renewal. At Easter, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. At Eostre, pagans/wiccans celebrate the fertility of the earth, and the balancing between the dark of winter and the light of summer. This pagan association is the origin of the fertility symbols of eggs and rabbits at Easter.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, take some time to reflect on your own rebirth and renewal…. What new pages can you turn in your life? What ideas or beliefs can you put behind you to make room for a spiritual or emotional renewal?


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