Affirmations, PSYCH-K

Affirmations…. more than brain candy!

affirmation for conscious entrepreneurI have heard affirmations being described as “brain candy”. This may be partially true, as we feel great when we say them and always want more!

But affirmations are also incredibly powerful… An affirmation aligns our brain, our consciousness and our energy with the mindset – and the outcome – we want in our life. When we repeat our affirmation, we experience the outcome as if we already have it in our life … and we lay the groundwork for experiencing that outcome in the real world. We literally train our mind to operate in a new positive direction, and embrace empowering beliefs rather than disempowering self-limiting beliefs.

Of course, you still have to do the work to manifest your dreams, and balance for any subconscious self-limiting beliefs (this is where a Psych-K® balancing session can really support your journey) but creating an affirmation is a powerful first step.

Consider creating a powerful affirmation to start each week, to support you in manifesting your goals.

For instance, if you work in service to others (such as a healing or coaching practice), or are a conscious entrepreneur, something like this may work for you… Or create one even more powerful aligned with your dreams and energy.

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