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Turn the Winter of your Discontent into glorious Summer !

IMG_0557Let’s face it…. weather-wise, it is a crazy time of the year! For some folks, Winter has dragged on …. and on… and on. For some of us, Spring came early, disappeared, reappeared, turned to Autumn momentarily, and then reappeared! Summer seems a distant possibility.

I see it on social media all the time – folks complaining about the weather – and yet we can do nothing about it, other than accept what Mother Nature throws at us…. and perhaps carry an umbrella, or get out the snow shovel.

So, if you have the why-is-it-still-winter blahs and blues, remember this: nothing lasts forever.… Like so many  of life’s disappointments, challenges and setbacks, “this too will pass”. As Shakespeare said, “Now is the Winter of our discontent.”

So, yes, there is a life lesson here!

Remember that we may not be able to control some of the events in our life, but we can definitely control our attitude and our reaction.  Embrace whatever is causing that disappointment, that setback, that challenge… Sometimes life throws us a short sharp message that there is something else at play: perhaps a different way to do things, a new direction, greater elf-care. If you can open your Self to that new wisdom…. awesome!

So, take some time to look on the bright side of life, regroup and move forward. Spring IS coming, in whatever form that takes – the Spring of new emotion, the Spring of new love, the Spring of renewed health, the Spring of opportunity, the Spring of . What does your Spring look like?

Which attitude will help you move forward?

WP 584 x 200 (3)

or this?

WP 584 x 200 (4)

Remember – every day holds new magick!


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