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Is wishing, hoping and dreaming enough? 

 My Mother used to say, “God helps those who help themselves”. As a child, that phrase used to annoy me! As a coach, I find myself recognizing its truth more and more!

I absolutely DO believe in wishing, hoping and dreaming…. But I also believe in creating, empowering and manifesting. 

In coaching sessions, when discussing how a client will create the life they want, I sometimes hear that their plan is to “put it out to the Universe”, as if that is all that is required, with no action or leadership on their part. As if just wanting it was enough…

Well, I suppose that could happen… But how wonderful – and empowering – it would be if we partnered with the Universe to co-create that dream, manifest that hope, breathe life into that wish!

The Universe may create a door but it’s up to us to see that it can be opened, and to walk through it to a new future.

Make it so!


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