Cleansing, Rituals and Ceremonies

How to start creating Ritual in your daily life

IMG_0735Anyone who knows me or has attended one of my workshops, knows how important I believe ritual to be in our daily lives, in our spiritual practice and in the work we do as healers, readers, shamanic practitioners and lightworkers.

When we create ritual, we create sacred space. We give form to our work and our practice. We honour our past and our beliefs.

Ritual does not necessarily mean complicated. Ritual can be a simple offering. Ritual can be lighting a candle. Ritual can be creating intention at the start of a reading or prayer.

I also believe that ritual should start with cleansing of some sort such as lighting of incense, shaking purified water with a cedar bough over your Self or your space, or a simple smudge with rosemary, sage or sweet grass.

How do you create ritual in your life? What are the elements that are important to you?


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