Goals, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Self-Limiting Beliefs

Keep the dream alive – run, walk, crawl


Many of us give up on our dreams because we can’t do it the way we want, or because we come across what seems like an insurmountable barrier. or don’t have everything fully totally completely in place (just a teensy bit perfectionist)…..

We may have forgetten that:

  • the plan doesn’t have to be perfect… It just has to be A plan!
  • If we run across an obstacle, we can get there  by other means. We can adapt!
  • we may have to shift course as we gain insights or develop new skills …or even a new direction… or even more challenging goals!

I love the quote from Tanya Kotik, social media expert at Adconcepts, which captures this concept so well:

If you cannot run towards your dream – walk
If you cannot walk – crawl
If you cannot crawl – lie down in the direction of your dreams
But don’t stop dreaming!


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