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Four tips for decluttering: deal, donate, dump, de-own


Regular readers of this blog and my Facebook page know my thoughts on clutter and simplicity. It’s necessary not just to declutter our physical space but our mind and our spirit – and that includes chucking out self-limiting beliefs, relationships that no longer serve or honour either participant….

But sometimes decluttering our space can lead the way: as we release items that are just taking up space and no longer serve a meaningful purpose, we sense the freedom and can start to make more profound changes.  

Give yourself permission to get rid of what no longer brings you joy… what is no longer useful… what no longer fits… what is redundant…

The question to ask your Self is not “should I get rid of it?” but “why should it stay?”

We’ve all heard of the three Rs – recycle, reuse, repurpose – but we can also practice the three Ds for each item:

Deal, donate, dump, de-own:

  • Deal with it: If it’s broken in some way AND you truly love it AND can use it – fix it! If you can’t fix it, let it go.
  • Donate: if it’s still usable but no longer brings you joy, donate to a charity, or gift to a family member, friend or colleague who will love it and use it.
  • Dump: sorry friends, some things do belong in the trash! Make sure you dispose your discards correctly and follow the guidelines in your municipality for disposing of household goods such as electronics, chemical-based items, stale-dated prescriptions, etc.
  • De-own: this has become the new buzzword for decluttering but – for me at least – to “de-own” takes it one step further. When we acquire “stuff”, there is an exchange of energy in the form of currency. We pay for the privilege of owning something. We bring the energy of that item into our home. When we de-own something, We are no longer attached to it. We create a new exchange of energy by selling the item (so many choices these days, such as local bidding boards on Facebook, consignment shops, garage sales, Kijiji or Craigslist). Not only does the item’s stagnant energy leave, but we reclaim some of the original energy exchanged in the form of currency.




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