Tip of the Day: you’re not aging… you’re aligning with your wisdom!

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Recently I have spent time with several people, agonizing about their upcoming 30th birthdays…. and perhaps not noticing the irony of sharing their fears with someone twice their age!

Life brings us many milestones, all worthy of celebration. But at times, I definitely hear concern in the voices of friends – and clients – about some of their approaching “year” milestones.

As if those define us!

As if those “age” us!

Remember that the years bring experience, wisdom, knowledge, and  – in some cases – freedom. And if we haven’t done so already, it also brings us the opportunity to continue to follow our dreams, live authentically…. the occasional wrinkle or gray hair is merely a medal from life’s journey.

Many of my new adventures started when I turned 50, and even more new adventures started in my 60s!  I wonder what my 70s will bring?

So, if you fear that milestone of 30… 40…. 50…. 60 or more, remember this:

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  1. Val Boyko · June 18, 2015

    Thank you! Love this 🙂


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