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Manifesting help and support 

This week I received a beautiful affirmation of the power of setting intention for help and support. I wasn’t in crisis but wanted help for a small project I was working on that was outside my current skill set.

I am passionate about making my own tools and sacred objects in support of my shamanic and intuitive practice, including pendulums, medicine pouches, medicine bundles, rattles, smudge sticks, smudge fans and more.

Recently, I had a vision for a leather or suede holder for my ceremonial feathers… but I have never worked with leather and there is a lot of technique to learn. How did I miss leather crafts in all my years of Brownies, Guides and school art classes?

So I set an intention that I would find the perfect class to move me forward on this project – inexpensive, close to home and with an expert.

What I did find almost immediately was a beautiful handcrafted fabric feather holder at BC Aboriginal Day, which I purchased. I made a wonderful connection with the artist…. and initially thought that my request has been answered. Maybe this was the help I was looking for? Perhaps I was meant to connect with this artisan?

But two nights ago, I had the same vision of the leather/suede feather holder, so I put the intention out again last night and – lo and behold – I stumbled on the perfect workshop on Instagram! And it’s only a 15 minute drive from home! Perfect!.

So this Saturday evening, I will be making a simple leather passport and credit card holder at Lonsdale Leather in Vancouver… and learning the techniques and tools that I will need to make the feather holder project in my vision.

Thank you Spirit!!!!


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