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DIY natural sunburn relief with lavender and aloe

This has been a topsy turvy summer in Canada – rain and chilly days in the East, and drought and heat in the West.

But it is summer and we are able to get outside, and bask in the lovely rays of sunshine from our Blessed Mother Earth, soaking up her energy and much-needed Vitamin D.

But some of us indulge perhaps a little too much, and others – like me – burn even when wearing sun protection. If that happens, try this DIY natural sunburn relief, which can be scaled up to a larger batch if needed. But to keep it fresh – especially in the heat – it’s best to make in small batches and store in the fridge when not using (which also gives a lovely cooling relief!).

Aloe and Lavender Sunburn Relief 

To a two fluid ounce spray bottle or mister add:

  • 1.5 ounces (3 tbsp) distilled or boiled water (cooled of course!)
  • .5 ounces (1 tbsp) Aloe Vera juice or gel
  • 24 drops lavender essential oil (this will give a 2% dilution of EO to carrier)
  • Optional: 1 or 2 caps Vitamin E oil

Enjoy the soothing and healing properties of aloe and lavender🌞


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