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Birthing the Rose Moon

Today’s new moon marks the start of the moon cycle, the “birthing” of its journey around the Earth…. precisely at 1:24 AM Universal Time (UTC), which is 6:24 PM here in Vancouver Canada, on July 16th.

Do you have a new moon ritual that you observe?

If not, think of this as an opportunity to create your own, to support you in creating and birthing your own dreams, your own plans….Earlier today I posted a wonderful quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which is great advice for the new moon:

“Be careful what you set your heart on, for it will surely be yours.”

Followers of this blog know how much I love ceremony and ritual…. and birthing of a new idea or a new start definitely deserves those sacred elements.

A ritual can be easily created in a way that’s unique to you and also expresses the elements that are important to you

  • choose a quiet spot for your new moon ritual
  • clear the space with your stated intention, and smudging with sage or cedar water
  • bring in elements from nature representing earth, fire, air and water… rocks, flowers, herbs, crystal, feathers, a chalice etc
  • light a candle for focus, and perhaps add some soft meditative music or recorded drumming
  • you may also use a drum or rattle to take a journey, rather than meditate

Call on your guides and invite the support of all your allies. You know who they are… you can be very specific or use a “generic” invocation such as:

“I call on my spirit guides, my ancestral guides, ascended masters, animal allies, stone and crystal allies. Please share your wisdom with me, and allow me to accept it into my life. I am open to receiving all that is for my highest good and for the highest good of those I love.”

Sit and meditate – or journey – asking for support in your next steps, in birthing your new ideas and dreams.

When you have completed the ritual, thank your guides for their support and wisdom. Jot down your thoughts into your journal.

You can repeat this every day of the new moon phase….. it lasts roughly a week, until the First Quarter on July 24th.


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