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Question your thoughts…. Change your world


Our thoughts are so powerful… We can create reality and truths from beliefs, and – sadly – not even recognize the difference.

But… beliefs are not necessarily truths.

If you find yourself accepting something as truth that does NOT empower you, that keeps you from moving forward, question that thought.

Ask it from what it is trying to protect you.. Perhaps it’s something you experienced in the past like hurt, failure, or loss. But aren’t those all part of our human experience, that exhilarating roller coaster of highs and lows?

Making choices based on avoiding potential failure or pain also keeps us from experiencing the wild ride of life, from achieving phenomenal success and from amazing possibilities for growth.

Perhaps it’s time to let go of those self-limiting thoughts and the power they have wielded over you, and replace them with thoughts that empower and celebrate the unique and glorious person you are.

“Thoughts believed create your world. When you question your thoughts, you change your world.”
– Byron Katie


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