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Are you ready for the Blue Moon?

imageAre you ready for today’s Blue Moon?

Astronomically, it really isn’t that special, or rare. A “blue moon” simply refers to a second full moon in a calendar month…and with 13 moon cycles in a calendar year, the odds are that we will experience a blue moon every 2.5 years. The next ones are January and March 2018.

The 2015 Blue Moon arrives at precisely 10:43 UTC on July 31st, which is 3:43 AM here in Vancouver.

When we observe and align with the moon cycles, we are also tuning into the rhythms of our planet. Did you know that many farmers manage their crops by the cycle of the moon? The Farmers Almanac publishes a yearly guide for planting times for various crops, as well as best times for pruning and harvesting.

Following the cycles of the moon can be very powerful, especially for women: we are already closed connected to the cycles of the moon through our own hormonal cycles.

It’s important to remember how powerful the energy of the full moon can be (anyone living near the ocean can attest to this!), and how it can amplify our energetic and emotional states. The root of the word “lunatic” is luna (moon). Friends working in hospital ER units tell me it’s not a myth how busy they get during a full moon!

So, remember to be kind to yourself during the full moon. Ramp up your grounding and meditation. Use the time to reflect on what you have accomplished since the last full moon, and what you will accomplish in the next month.

Stay wild, but focus on the positive and spread the love!

This full moon is special for another reason too: The day after, we also welcome Lughnasadh – also known as Lammas, a time to celebrate the harvest and the Divine Feminine. Lammas is the first of the Celtic Harvest Festivals (Mabon and Samhain being the other two).

These are powerful times, my fellow rainbow warriors, spiritual ecologists, wiccans and pagans!


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