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Life Hack: use your intuition to make more authentic decisions

Does intuition play a part in your life? It definitely does in mine.

For instance, decision-making becomes difficult at times and I wrestle with what to do… I get into that rut of over-thinking, analysis-paralysis.

When that happens, I turn to my Wise Self for help: “What do I need to know or do to make this decision?” The typical answer? That I have been trying to make decisions with my “busy logical brain” rather than with my heart and my soul.

When I make choices from those places, I know that they are in alignment with my values and my Higher Self. I know intuitively that the choices I make are right, and in my best interest and my highest good.

If this happens to you, take a breath…re-ground… connect… and then choose. It’s so much easier, more authentic and so much faster than analytical deliberation! And it’s your awesome Self choosing for you:)

“With intuition firmly at the helm of your life, you reconnect with the deepest, most authentic truth of your being and remember who you are as God designed and created you to be: perfect, beautiful, and whole.”
– Sonia Choquette


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