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Five life hacks for the Monday blues 


For some people, the Monday blues start on Sunday, just thinking about Monday and going back to work. There are lots of ways to lift your spirits and get rid of those blahs, and I would love to hear what works for YOU.

These are my top five tips:

  1. Start the day with a good breakfast – whatever is good for YOUR system: a little protein, a little fruit, a little yogurt, a fabulous green smoothie.
  2. Create a positive affirmation for the day – and for the week – and repeat it while doing some mild exercise, such as yoga or a taking a gentle walk. Post your affirmation on your desktop – or make it your screensaver🌞 Repeat as needed throughout the day.
  3. Plan your week to ensure a good balance between work and play, and make sure you schedule some “me time” or each day. Do NOT add stress by planning on Monday morning – plan on the weekend, instead.
  4. Gently wind down on Sunday evening, and get a good nights sleep.
  5. And this is the most important tip: Ask your Wise Inner Self, “Why do I have the blues?” What’s creating the stress? It’s quite likely something has to change… Perhaps you are in need of a vacation… a new assignment… a new job… Perhaps your work load is too extreme and it’s time to get support. Perhaps you need to learn some relaxation techniques, or to let go of things you cannot control. Whatever the cause, those blues or blahs are your trigger for change and rebalancing.

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