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How to use the Fire element in your new moon ritual

  For last month’s new moon – which was also a blue moon – I wrote about creating your own ritual for each new moon (also known as a Dark Moon). How did that work for you? What elements did you add that made it unique, your own special ceremony? What new things did you start?

One of the things I love about creating my own ritual is that I can also change it up each month, bringing in a new focus or new elements depending on the time of the year…the lunar cycles, the equinoxes or solstices, the holidays, and so forth. 

For instance, the new moon on August 14th is in Leo. I don’t know much about astrology, to be honest, but I do know that Leo is associated with the fire element. So I will definitely be “playing with fire” in my ritual. Consider using this element as the focus for your ritual, as you bring in the new moon energy to “fire up” your new projects.

Some possibilities for working with Fire / Leo energy:

  • If you already have a lot of fire energy within you, consider how you can use that energy this month for manifesting new projects. The new Moon is the best time to start new ventures.
  • Perhaps you have too much fire energy. Use your pendulum to check your elemental balances. Maybe you need to bring in more water energy (water dampens fire) for balance in your ritual.
  • Fire is also strongly linked to our second chakra, the fires that burn within us, such as creativity and sexuality. Nourish those fires this month and create goals within your ritual for igniting your passions, for exploring and celebrating your creativity (art, writing and more) and sexuality.
  • Leo is also about leadership. Consider calling in all of your allies during the ritual for support in self leadership; mastering your own life; using all of your strengths, gift and abilities; following your passions and dreams.

For more info on how to create your own new moon ritual read Birthing the Rose Moon.


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