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Life Hack: the first step is awareness

Awareness is definitely the key to transformation.

Instead of worrying WHERE you are going and creating a detailed plan to get you from A to Z, start by celebrating that you have decided to move away from where you are now. Yes!

And, accept that not knowing where the path may lead is a pretty awesome place to be! Can we truly see the brilliance and possibility of where this new adventure might take us, when we are still seeing the world from the filter of where we were?

Trust that your new awareness, that wanting to have something better, will light your path and inform the first step. And that first step will guide you to your second step…  

With each step, you will have a better ability to recognize what is right for you, what aligns with your inner Self. And the journey will start to take shape… The glimmer of possibility will light the path for you, and become brighter with each step.

If you need support in the journey, know that I’m just a call or click away, and that I am holding the light for you. Click here for more info.


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