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Energizing with the Gibbous Waxing Moon

Facebook Post (2)I’m finding myself drawn more and more to the lunar cycles, aligning my work and spiritual practices with the waxing and waning energies of the moon.

Our ancestors followed the cycles of the moon, to help organize their lives, but in modern cultures we have drifted away from those practices and may not even know the phase of the Moon.

Yet as we reclaim our connection with the Earth and Moon, and get into the natural flow of energy with Nature, many people have revived those practices and made them once again part of their life. Many agriculturalists, for instance, manage their crops by the moon cycles. And this is not just “fringe” or alternative practitioners: The Old Farmer’s Almanac – first published in 1792 –  includes this information in their annual publications.

We are currently moving from a “cautious” first quarter moon (some call this the half moon) into the “ending” gibbous waxing moon, and will transition to a Full Moon (in Pisces) on Saturday, August 29th. This full moon is also a so-called Super Moon!

Energy profile of the waxing gibbous moon:

  • moving from the balance of the first quarter moon, equal light and dark, towards the full light and energy of the new moon
  • moving from caution to confidence

Best practices of the waxing gibbous moon:

  • practise patience and persistence
  • a perfect time to finish projects, and tie up any loose ends
  • eliminate emotions or beliefs which no longer serve you
  • a GREAT time to declutter your physical space

Consider decluttering just one space in your home on each waxing gibbous moon. For instance, this month you could free the energies in your kitchen or bathroom:


  • throw out all stale-dated food products (spices, jars, cans) and junk food.
  • inspect all crockery (plates, cups, etc) and dispose of anything that is chipped or cracked
  • donate any extras (unopened food packages, crockery or kitchen linens) to homeless shelters or charities
  • replace one chemical-laden or harsh cleaning product with an earth-friendly product that you either buy or make yourself (for instance, a vinegar or baking soda based counter scrub). There are plenty of formulations on Pinterest (I’ve pinned a few to my Non-Toxic Home board) and the web. Here’s a simple natural counter spray formulation from


  • inspect all medications, vitamins and minerals for “best-by” dates. Responsibly dispose of all old items (many municipalities, for instance, request that stale medications be returned to a pharmacy for safe disposal).
  • all those lotions, creams, shampoos and conditions, and magic face potions that you haven’t used, never will use, received as gifts but didn’t like…. find a new home for them. Unopened products that haven’t reached their best-by date can be donated to homeless shelters and other charities. Opened products can be disposed of responsibility (check your municipal bylaws).
  • replace one chemical-laden personal care products with an earth-friendly product that you either buy or make yourself (for instance, instead of commercial facial cleanser consider using the oil-cleansing method  (the Wellness Mama has a DIY formulation here).

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