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Life Hack: Is your life plan keeping you off-track?


It has been said that “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

I do believe that goal planning is important (hey, I’m a coach; that’s what we do!), as many of the things we want in life do require forethought, effort and time (education, career planning, etc). But amidst all that planning, be sure you’re following your life’s passion and purpose… that you are allowing for flexibility and new inspiration… that you are in alignment with your values… that you are open to spontaneity… that you are open to changes in direction based on the journey’s learnings… and that you are creating space for fun, adventure and whimsy in your life.

Sometimes that road map we created comes from the hopes and dreams of others – our parents, their parents, cultural expectations, our peers – or even from our own (limited) childhood view of the world. Those carefully wrought plans may not be ours at all! With those filters informing our path, we may not be choosing authentically, and we may not even be aware what is truly waiting for us.

So, yes, plan your life…. but be open to what ignites your soul and inspires you along the way. Notice what might initially look like a detour … but may turn out to be your true path. 

And if you’re not enjoying the journey, you can always start a new one!

Let the adventure beginğŸŒž


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