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Badges of life

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Before my knee replacement surgeries, one of my initial concerns was the amount of scarring… but I quickly realized that was vanity at play. Those surgical scars were medallions recognizing my determination to heal and recover. They were markers of my journey towards health… as well as a reminder to practise self-care.

I take inspiration at least twice a week from the “ancient Amazons” in the Range of Motion aqua-fit class in my local pool. The average age of the class is 70+… and they are all vibrant battle-scarred survivors of life, comfortable with displaying their scars from knee replacements, hip replacements, mastectomies, heart surgeries and more.

And the scars that are internal, from wounding of a different kind, remind us that we can heal… and that we will heal.

Know that whatever caused that “invisible” scar does not define you, and it can not destroy you. You have survived it. You are the living and breathing proof.

Scars are a reminder that we are survivors.


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