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Life Hack: Balancing emotions in the Full Moon in Pisces

Instagram Post-7Yesterday we celebrated the Full Moon and Super Moon. The moon was in Pisces – a water sign, a sign of compassion, and ruled by Neptune, God of the Sea – so one should expect heightened energy around anything governed by the water element: emotions, creativity, intuition, dreams and the subconscious. It’s so important to practise self care at this time so let’s explore those possibilities.

This energy will be strong for the next few days, and will diminish as the Moon starts waning towards the next New Moon. Our bodies are mostly water (65% on average), and like the oceans that swell during the full moon, our emotions will follow suit. You may feel anxious or overwhelmed by emotion. If you are feeling happiness, you may feel even happier; if you are feeling frustration or anger, watch that those emotions do not translate into actions or words you may regret. These are “looney” times, my friend … Luna, the Moon, is playing with our emotions.

I definitely felt this heightened effect yesterday. Every news story hit me at my core. I was weeping at the plight of the Syrian refugees, and other tragedies around the world. My Facebook posts were all calling for compassion, support for abused women worldwide, for world peace. These are things I support at all times, but yesterday their power was intense and heartbreaking.

The power of Nature

And here in Vancouver it was a very dramatic day! People are already calling it the Big Storm of 2015! After months of heat and drought, we had a huge powerful storm with high winds, torrential rain and close to 400,000 people were left without electric power. The city was littered with fallen trees, and carpeted with leaves and branches. For us, the power of water and Nature was felt very strongly.

Earlier this week, I posted some tips for using the water element in your Full Moon ritual or ceremony, and some ideas for decluttering prior to the Full Moon (the perfect time for letting go of stale energy!)

We still have the power of the Full Moon with us for the next few days. Here are our top tips to help you continue to harness the power of the water energy this week and to balance your emotions:

Give up the need for control and choose compassion instead
Always a good practice! Take strength in going with the flow, in agility, in resilience. You cannot control everything in this universe – in fact, you can control very little! – so learn the joy of letting go…. and in focusing on where you can make a difference. Use your powers wisely:)

Control often manifests as judgment, as criticism of others or of one’s Self. Pisces is a sign of compassion, so do practise mindful kindness and compassion at this time, not just for others but also for your Self.

Use your heightened awareness for self-reflection
At this time of endings (full moons are about completion, and a full moon in Pisces is double strength!), take some time to think, to reflect, to journal – whatever works best for you – on where you’ve done well (and why!), and where you haven’t achieved what you set out to accomplish. This is not a self critic exercise – don’t beat yourself up, practice self compassion! – but a self coaching exercise. Learn from what you’ve done well and apply that to areas that need a little help.

Pamper yourself with Water
It’s still summer here north of the Equator, so take some time to enjoy the water element in a natural setting – go to the beach, take a walk by a lake or river. One can even find water element in a desert environment – meditate in an oasis or in a cactus grove. No handy access to fresh water? Take a swim in your local pool. Create your own ocean by taking a luxurious bath and pamper yourself even further by adding natural aromatic bath salts. Celebrate your inner mermaid or merman!

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