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Taming the chaos with the New Moon in Virgo 

Such a powerful day, with both a New Moon in Virgo AND a partial solar eclipse!

The New Moon is the time to set intentions for the month, to try something new….and break patterns, especially lingering karmic patterns. With the solar eclipse thrown in, this is a New Moon on steroids!

Big stuff is happening – deep insights, healing, shifting, changi ng, transformation. Use the Virgo energy – grounded, healing, focused, aware, organized, analytical – to support you, but be careful not to swing that pendulum too wide into analysis-paralysis and self criticism. Tame the chaos, and be sure to practice self-compassion and self-care.

New Moon Ritual 
Consider using elements associated with Virgo in your new Moon ritual. Virgo is The Maiden, and is associated with the Earth, with healing and with taming chaos.

  • Element: Earth
  • Plants & Herbs: rosemary, lily, cornflower, elder
  • Colour: green
  • Crystals: jade, aquamarine, peridot, jasper
  • Essential Oil: lavender
  • Goddess: Minerva, Isis, Demeter


  • The new moon, in Virgo, arrives at 11:41 PM Pacific Time 12-SEP (6:41 AM, 13-SEP UTC).
  • The partial solar eclipse, which can be seen only in South Africa and Antartica, arrives at 9:40 PM Pacific Time 12-SEP (4:40 AM, 13-SEP UTC).

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