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Supercharge your herbal oil infusions with the Super Moon

imageI had a great day yesterday, welcoming the Full Moon – also a Super Moon and an eclipse, known as the Blood Moon. For those of you who are attuned and entrained with the energy of the lunar cycles, you will know that the Full Moon is an excellent time to start herbal infusions and tinctures, as well as to do personal work such as visioning.

Using healing affirmations and the power of the full-super-blood moon, I prepared three different herbal infused oils, each using organic dried flowers: one each of Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Arnica. Each will sit in a sunny area for a full moon cycle, or perhaps a little longer.

I can use all three in separate product formulations, or could also use all three together to create a Trauma Oil which can then also be used for massage, direct application, or healing salves in a ratio of 40% Calendula-infused oil, 30% St. John’s Wort infused oil and 30% Arnica-infused oil.

I like to make my own infused oils because I can choose the timing of the preparation, such as the full moon, and use affirmations to energize the infusion.

Making your own infused oils can also be a huge cost saving. My local herb shop was selling a 2 oz. bottle of organic arnica infused oil for $29. I bought enough arnica flowers to make at least one litre of infused oil for roughly $4.50 (plus the cost of the carrier oil; I used organic olive oil so not a huge extra cost).

Before you start, decide how you will use the oil and make sure you research the herb thoroughly to ensure no contraindications for your health. Herbs are powerful so treat them cautiously and DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

There are many great videos on YouTube plus other web-based instructions on how to do this, but here is a simple cold/solar-infusion method using dried herbs (best for beginners):

Fill a clean dry jar to half-way with your dried herbs (make sure the herbs are fully covered in the oil), and then fill to within one inch of the top of your jar with organic olive oil. This will allow room for your herbs to expand.

Depending on the herb, and the intended use, you could also use Sweet Almond oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil.

Stir with a wooden or glass spoon or rod, to remove all air pockets. You may see it bubbling up as you add your carrier oil.

Once that is complete, top the jar with your lid and add a label with the following information:
* Type of herb
* Latin name of herb
* Type of carrier oil
* Date infused
* Any other useful info

Stir or shake daily. Check to ensure the herbs are fully covered, and that there is no mold. The latter can happen if you have any moisture in your botanicals.

Allow to infuse for a full moon cycle, approximately 30 days, or as long as six weeks.

Strain through a cheesecloth, ensuring you squeeze to get every drop of oil you can!

Decant into a glass bottle and store in a cool dry place. Label the bottle with full details (herb common and Latin name, type of oil, decanting date).

I prefer to store my oils in dark bottles, but you can also use a clear bottle and keep in a brown paper bag to keep out the light. Depending on the oil you have used, the shelf life will be approximately one year. Some people add a quarter teaspoon of vitamin E oil for added shelf life.



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