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Is A “Weakness” Merely The Shadow Side Of A Strength?

Our journey through life presents us with many gates… Some see them as barriers but they are usually opportunities for growth and change and new beginnings.

In her book “The Pathwork of Self-Transformation, Eve Pierrakos wrote,

“Through the gateway of feeling your weakness lies your strength.”

Stop for a moment to consider a so-called weakness… There may be an underlying strength or positive attribute. Yes, it may be something that requires recalibration, self-awareness or refocusing, but you may be surprised to find a very powerful – and unacknowledged – trait within it.

This is a type of “shadow work”. In traditional shadow work, people work with the parts of themselves that are hidden or for which they are in denial.

But perhaps we can do reverse shadow work…bringing our positive attributes into the light.

So, for instance, if you consider yourself too shy, perhaps you are merely reflective or introspective, or thoughtful… These are positive attributes. Yes, do work on the shyness by acknowledging your own self-worth. Share those reflective thoughts… You may be surprised at the conversations they stimulate!

If you approach things in a disorganized or inconsistent way, perhaps your true gifts are creativity and flexibility. How can you make those work for you, and still complete your projects?

If you are impatient, recognize your passion for action, and learn how to harness it more effectively. Not everyone is on the same timetable as you, and there may be something to learn from other’s hesitation… more facts, better outcome based on timing, and so on.


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