Lunar Cycles

Celebrating Fall in your New Moon rituals and altar

I love being in this New Moon energy, which lasts until the waxing crescent is revealed, approximately 3.5 days from the start of the New Moon. You still have a couple of days to honour the New Moon, and draw on her energy. So, if you haven’t started your New Moon Medicine Wheel oracle reading yet, you still have time!

sun-681842_1920-2During the New Moon, our energy is even more receptive to receiving our inner wisdom, which is why it’s a perfect time to create a vision… to ponder, to plan and start manifesting change, new projects, and new ideas.

Do you have rituals for the full moon and the new moon? Simply put, a ritual is a symbolic gesture or practice that supports your intent. I love creating rituals, and in this blog have written about how to customize your ritual depending on both your intent and the time of the year. Recent examples include “Taming the chaos with the New Moon in Virgo“, “Crystals for a New Moon in Leo ritual“, and so on.

In addition to creating a ritual, consider creating an altar that symbolizes your goals and intentions, as well as the seasons or other elements. An altar can be as simple as a card table, draped with a colourful cloth. I have a square slate tile that I use on my altar, as it is also portable and I never have to worry about dripping candle wax!

Symbols for Fall 
popcorn-969968_1920 With the recent arrival of Fall, you can create an Autumn altar for focusing your daily meditation. Place items that represent the season and its colours – reds, golds, orange, purples – such as candles and crystals, or actual fall bounty such as leaves, acorns, Pinon nuts, chestnuts, pumpkins, sheaves of wheat or corn, and apples.

Symbols for Balance
WP Medium 300x225-4We have just passed the equinox, which is a time of balance. The day and night are of equal length at the moment. Also this New Moon is a Libra, which is symbolized by the scales of balance. You could decorate your altar with elements that represent balance such as a scale, paired black and white items such as candles or stones, the yin-yang symbol, or anything else that represents balance to you.

Symbols for Water / West
WP Medium 300x225-2On the Medicine Wheel, Fall represents the West and the element Water, a feminine emotional energy.  In other belief systems Fall is represented by the Earth element, so incorporate whatever rings true for you. So, if Fall represents Water for you, bring in water elements such as a bowl of blessing water. You could also use river stores, sea shells, and so on. You can also use elements representing femininity, such as a goddess statue. Sage is the healing plant associated with the West, so this could also be used on your altar, or in your ritual for cleansing and purifying.

Share your Altar images 
I would love to hear from you, about the rituals and altars you use for your New Moon rituals. Share them on our Facebook page, in the Comments area in the post for this article:)

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