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Interpreting the Centre/Self card – Flying

I pulled five cards on the New Moon for my Medicine Wheel reading, all from Colette Baron-Reid’s “The Enchanted Map” deck. 
  The card I chose for Self (the Centre card of the layout), which also informs the reading as a whole, was card 20, “Flying”, which depicts a rainbow-coloured horse flying freely above a beautiful labyrinth.

My initial interpretation of this card was that flying high and freely, we gain a new perspective and can see things in their entirety, the “50,000 foot view”. Sometimes, when we are too close to a challenge, we lose perspective and focus in on the minutiae when we need to look at things in a different way.

If this layout and card choice resonated with YOU, what is your perspective? What does this card mean in your life?

This card is apt for me in so many ways, as the questions I asked myself for this reading are related to the work I do…. And the labyrinth is the basis for the logo for Inner Journey Events. For me, the labyrinth represents that inward journey to truth and wisdom, that is the heart of my coaching and healing work. I am looking to support my clients in a different way, so this card is a reminder that I can create something even more powerful for them if I look at things with fresh, unfiltered eyes…Perhaps throwing out some assumptions that are no longer valid, etc. This card says I am also ready to make the changes needed.

What does is the “formal”meaning of this card?

Per the deck’s interpretive guide:
“You have the power to see things from a higher perspective. If you were a bird high in the air, what would you see? When you soar above life’s challenges and opportunities, a new perspective becomes available. Today you have invisible wings that allow you to swiftly bring your circumstances into alignment with your highest purpose. This is a sign that your waiting is over, that all your hard work has paid off and the things you hoped for are no longer beyond your scope. You have the ability to reach for the stars and find one with your name on it. Spread your wings and soar.”


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