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Message from The Mountain: Week 2 of my New Moon reading

A week ago, on the New Moon, I pulled five oracle cards for a New Moon Medicine Wheel Reading, a practice introduced to me by poet-coach-artist Karen D. Crane. One can use either oracle or tarot cards, whatever resonates best with you.

Social Media-9I love this layout, as it’s a great way to regularly – and with intention – review one’s life using the power and timing of the lunar cycle (starting with the New Moon), and contemplating our life through the “filter”of the Medicine Wheel to give us insight. In this layout, there are four questions to review on the cards selected at the New Moon, one per week:
1. What is beginning?
2. What is flourishing?
3. What is transforming?
4. What is the lesson?

WP_The Mountain Week 2My draw for Week 2: 
Direction: South
Question: What is Flourishing?
Card: The Mountain (from Colette Baron-Reid’s “The Enchanted Map” oracle deck)

Key Message: “You have the capacity to flow around any obstacle. This is the time to adapt.”

These key words are very close to my heart, as they mirror how I like to work. In both the corporate world and my own life (and my own practice), agility and adaptability have always been very important and the key to my success.

So, it was a great reminder to me to take a fresh look at what I’ve been working on, to what has been working well (and answer the question “What is flourishing?” ) and what hasn’t been working, and to see if I have been working with the mindset of The Mountain – adaptability, flowing around obstacles.

And no surprises there… in some cases, I found it challenging to get around an obstacle when I had followed habitual patterns and processes that had always worked well before… but where I hadn’t first considered a few key questions before I implemented my solution:

What has changed?
How will what I have done before work in this situation?
Is there anything else I could do?

The last question was also key for me, as I found that when I thought The Mountain or obstacle in my way was big… it was! I created elaborate project plans to tackle The Mountain, developed elaborate processes, and spent (unneeded) extra time and effort.

Sometimes that Mountain in front of us is actually just a mole hill! Do not make things more difficult than they are. If you think it will be easy, it likely will be easy. Do not make things more challenging just because you like a challenge. Sometimes simple is good. Sometimes easy is good. As poet-philospher Confucious said,

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

So what is flourishing in my life? Anything and everything, as long as I remember the key messages from The Mountain:

Allow energy to flow naturally.

Accept that things will happen and unfold as they need to… and choosing the right time to do things.

Use my time wisely and effectively.

How was your Week Two shaping up? What other messages do you see in The Mountain card? What is flourishing in your life?


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